About Us

We came together as entrepreneurs driven by the need to combine each of our strengths.

We began with lunch at a Thai restaurant where we solidified our vision. What was meant as a simple meeting birthed our vision to combine the Internet, Traditional Media and High-Quality Content for business, politicians, professionals who are looking for empowerment in the face of these disparate and expensive propositions.

Our objective is to provide a Horizontal Marketing Message to take advantage of all media with a consistent message. Our approach ensures the inter complexities of messaging in today’s world are consistent, managed, responded to and ultimately positive against your objective.

Communication in today’s world require marching in multiple directions; the challenge is managing the message.

New media provides the tools to blanket your message in all directions at once, and to get to the true influencers and have your message heard and acted upon. In other words, with our help, you can cover the horizon, and spread your army of fans in all directions creating new fans along the way.

We make viral marketing made easy. Our focus is to place our clients in several places at once.

We use new technologies to implement Horizontal Integration Strategies via the internet to do this with the click of a mouse.